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Big paper bag





Big paper bag


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The paper bag dimensions are indicated Width x Depth x Height. For dimension combinations not found in standard products, please contact our team. Detailed information is on the “Production” page.


The paper bags delivered are divided into boxes and can be ordered in a minimum quantity according to the number of bags that can fit in the box. The minimum quantity for a given product is indicated in the “Select quantity” field. The selected quantities are rounded upwards to the nearest number of boxes.

Product overview:

Product no:


Dimensions (mm):

250 x 150 x 520



(Inner) Layer:

Paper 70

Ordered quantity:

0 pc

Bag price:

0.240 €/pc (incl. VAT)


0€ (incl. VAT)

These paper bags are made from 100% virgin kraft paper that is produced from Estonian pine and spruce. These bags are 2-ply paper bags that provide the extra strength required for a heavier weight. They have a block bottom.

These bags are ideal for industrial applications such as charcoal, pet food & care products, agricultural fodder and seeds, construction mix, waste/litter etc. They are also suitable for packing fruits and vegetables such as potatoes as well as dry foods in bulk such as flour and grains.

Paper bags are environmentally friendly: reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. These paper bags are FSC® certified and the paper used in the bag is approved and certified to be in contact with food by ISEGA, Germany.

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