How can I order your bags?

Please email your requirements to, and our sales team will guide you through the process. If you cannot find a suitable bag from the specifications, please contact us, and we can offer you tailor-made bags that match your requirement

What are your delivery times?

Being a paper producer, we can assure you fast delivery times for your bags. If you have any questions or special requests regarding delivery times, please contact us.

Where do you deliver to?

We currently deliver paper bags to the Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway. If you would like us to deliver paper bags to another region, please contact us.

I pack fruits, vegetables, and other food products. Are your papers really safe?

All our paper bags are made from Horizon virgin sack kraft paper and are ISEGA certified for direct contact with food.

Are the offered paper bags recyclable?

Yes, all our bags are 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Is it possible to order custom-size paper bags?

If your required paper bag size doesn't falls within our dimensions described in the specifications page, please contact us for more details.

Which paper bag would you recommend for my product?

It depends on which product you would like to pack. We can support you in choosing the right bags for your product.

I would like to move away from plastic bags to an alternative paper solution. What can you suggest?

More and more countries and regions around the world are moving to ban plastic bags for environmental reasons. If you’re looking to make an environmentally-conscious choice, we have a solution for you.
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