Horizon Pulp and Paper Limited
We are the only pulp, paper and paper bag manufacturer in the baltics.

We produce paper bags only from Horizon 100% virgin sack kraft Paper.

Horizon Standard Paper

Horizon Standard Paper is manufactured using Estonian Pine & Spruce and is 100% virgin sack kraft paper with long fibers. This paper provides strength, bulk, and durability to the paper bags, making them robust and tear-resistant.

Applications: Retail store chains, hardware store chains, restaurants, fast food, hotels and supermarkets.

GSM: 60,70, 80, 100

Horizon Semi Extensible Paper

The flat handles for all our bags are made from Horizon Semi-Extensible grade sack kraft paper. This paper has high tensile strength where we can carry heavy items in our bags without worrying about the handles breaking.

GSM: 70

Horizon MoistResist® Paper

Horizon MoistResist Paper is made of 100% virgin sack kraft paper, specially designed to retain high strength even under humid or wet conditions.

Applications: packaging potatoes, agricultural products, animal feed, flowers, waste/garbage bags and charcoal.

GSM: 70

Horizon Armor® Paper

Horizon Armor Paper is a 100% virgin sack kraft paper engineered to provide robustness and long-lasting protection for industrial packaging.

Applications: charcoal, cat litter, construction mixes, flour, pet food, and grains.

GSM: 70

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