Horizon Pulp and Paper Limited
We are the only pulp, paper and paper bag manufacturer in the Baltics.

We produce paper bags only from Horizon 100% virgin sack kraft paper

Horizon Standard Paper

Horizon Standard Paper is manufactured using Estonian Pine & Spruce and is 100% virgin sack kraft paper with long fibers. This paper provides strength, bulk, and durability to paper bags, making them robust.

Applications: Retail store chains, hardware store chains, restaurants, fast food, hotels and supermarkets.

GSM: 60,70, 80, 100

Horizon Semi Extensible Paper

The flat handles for all our bags are made from Horizon Semi-Extensible grade sack kraft paper. This paper has high tensile strength meant for bag handle application. One can carry heavy items in our bags without worrying about the handles breaking.

GSM: 70

Horizon MoistResist® Paper

Horizon MoistResist® Paper is specialty sack kraft paper that is designed to retain high strength under humid or wet conditions.

Used in manufacturing Horizon MoistResist® Paper Bags.

Applications: packaging for potatoes, agricultural products, animal feed, flowers, waste/garbage bags.

GSM: 70

Horizon Armor® Paper

Horizon Armor® Paper is specialty sack kraft paper with high stiffness and bulk and strength. Engineered to provide robustness and long-lasting protection for industrial packaging.

Used in manufacturing Horizon Armor® Paper Bags.

Applications: packaging for charcoal, cat litter, construction mixes, flour and grains.

GSM: 70

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